More RPG Resources

Creating a campaign and preparing for game sessions is time-consuming, time we don’t always have. We want to help you out by creating resources beyond maps, that you can integrate into your story on short notice.

Currently these are NPCs and quests. The NPC PDFs come with Pathfinder 1e statblocks for levels 1-20, corresponding PCGen files and a Realm Works import files as a bonus. We strive to create believable characters with backstory, quirks and motivations. I try to keep the balance between them being exotic and interesting and also versatile enough to fit in many campaigns.

The quests are ideal for a one shot or for those sessions where you just had no time to prepare and need a sidequest to occupy the players. These quests offer different hooks to integrate them into your campain, several scenes, different paths or endings and usually contain a map or two and one or more fleshed out NPCs. Again, Realm Works import file as added bonus.


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